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Box of Six Cinnamon Flavour Welshcakes

Box of Six Cinnamon Flavour Welshcakes


Our cinnamon Welshcakes are simplicity themselves, our short buttery welshcake mixture is enhanced by a little extra cinnamon, and the result is a plain welshcake with a delicious flavour and a subtle hint of cinnamon.

They are griddled by hand in small batches, cooled and packed immediately to seal in the freshness. We use plant based bags so they can safely go into the compost bin. Our Welshcakes are dated for consumption within 2 weeks or they are ideal for home freezing.

Please be aware that we use wheat flour and nuts in our kitchen. Click for allergens info.

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Delicious buttery Welshcakes without the sultanas but with and extra hit of cinnamon. Put the kettle on, then sit back and enjoy the famous taste of hand-griddled Fabulous Welshcakes.

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